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a world premiere film adaptation of Shakespeare

THE YEAR WAS 2312...

The witch Sycorax was banished, 

pregnant, from her home planet of Algeron, deemed too dangerous to remain. 

   Flash forward to 2330 when Prospero, being learned in the magic arts as well, is exiled from Earth with his three year old daughter in tow. 

   Both of these souls landed on the distant and uncharted planet of Javari. Only Prospero lived to enact revenge on his usurpers. 

   Told with innovative zoom recording, toy theater, shadow puppets, and robotics, Drama of Works embarks on their first full length film project.

   We're super stoked.

TEMPEST read through.png

Drama of Works presents..


written by Shakespeare and Drama of Works

directed by Gretchen Van Lente


music by Jonathon Musser & James Walton

puppetry design by Gretchen Van Lente

costume design by Taylor Harrison

head puppetry by Scott Weber

STARRING John Ardolino, Deborah Beshaw,

Amy Carrigan, Emmanuel Elpenord, Molly Kohl, Joseph Garner, Tatiana Pavela, Maya Posey-Pierre,  

Adam Sullivan, Meghan Williams, & Ashley Winkfield

WITH Andrea Ang, Serra Hirsch, Cristina Pitter,

and Wendy Graham



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