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Rent Party
Mid-summer tour 2023 - program, credits and bios

SETTING: Harlem, NYC, 1920s


Jazz Cat
Rose, a young lady
Jenny, her best friend
Tulip, Rose's mother
Mae, Jenny's mother
Ricky, Rose's younger brother
Miss Lisa, an older girl who lives in the neighborhood
Mr. Lowe, a mean old man

Ice Man, a seller of ice
Carter Jenkins, a horn player
Q, another horn player

Mamma Q, his mamma

Many of the shadow images used in the play are taken from the artwork of Aaron Douglas.

Please see the full RENT PARTY website for more info, photos, and more!


RENT PARTY received a
Henson Foundation Family Grant.
The premiere production was co-produced and presented by The TANK.

Download the PRESS and RESOURCE pdf

Download the EDUCATIONAL handout pdf
Do a fun slang scavenger hunt!


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