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D O W ' S   R E P E R T O R Y:


These pieces were created with specific theatre productions in mind. They have larger casts and more intense set and tech requirements. This does not mean they can't be remounted, but will take a bit more thought to do so...

Please email us for booking details!

Leakey's Ladies


by Erin Courtney, Rachel Hoeffel and Crystal Skillman

Directed by Gretchen Van Lente

Assistant director: Molly Kohl

Original music composed by Stephanie Richards

Puppets by David Valentine

Sound design: Kate Brown

Lighting design: Jeanette Yew

Video design: James Walton

Starring: Tatiana Pavela, Meghan Williams, Amy Carrigan, Scott Weber, Patrick Shearer, Melissa Mendez, Emily Hartford, Julia Smith, Joseph Garner

​A Henson award-winning multi-disciplinary piece about Jane Goodall, Birute Galdikas and Dian Fossey and their relationships with their apes, their mentor and each other.

"At once educational, funny, serious and visually remarkable, Leakey’s Ladies is one of the most well-rounded shows I’ve seen in a long time and one of the best uses of “experimental” or “multi-media” theater I’ve ever seen."  --TheatreIsEasy

appropriate for ages 12 and up

premiered: January 2012 at Dixon Place

puppet KafKa


by B. Walker Sampson
Directed by Gretchen Van Lente
Assistant director: Rita Kompelmakher
Puppets by Mirek Trejtnar and Gretchen Van Lente
Set and prop design: Markus Maurette and Meghan Williams

Sound design: Matt Tennie
Lighting design: Burke Brown
Video design: Pete Dimas

Starring: Jason Howard, Adam Sullivan, Deborah Beshaw, Tatiana Pavela, Scott Weber, John Ardolino

​A Henson award-winning piece based on the life and works of Franz Kafka. The piece imagines Kafka in three incarnations, each one highlighting a different challenge or neurosis. 

"There are people who love puppets, there are people who love Kafka, and there is almost certainly a subset of people who love both puppets and Kafka. Their moment has arrived."  --NY Times

appropriate for ages 14 and up
premiered: April 2009 at HERE Arts Center

The Ballad of Phineas P. Gage


by Crystal Skillman
Directed by Tessa Leigh Derfner

Puppetry direction by Gretchen Van Lente
Puppets by David Michael Friend (with Gretchen Van Lente)

Original music composed and performed by Joshua Goodman
Lighting design: Alison Brummer

Starring:  Jason Howard, David Michael Friend, Julia Balestracci, Molly Kohl, Ryan Ganimian, Bryan Brown (with Serra Hirsch and Gretchen Van Lente)  

​A Henson award-winning piece based on the folk hero Phineas Gage whose horrific accident laying the railroad created the field of neuroscience. A poetic play, innovative storytelling and original songs make this one of Drama of Works's best pieces to date.

"[During Phineas P. Gage]...more than a few times, my guest and I quietly said, "Oh, cool!" Drama of Works invites the audience to re-examine their notions of theatrical structure and method without seeming self-important or compromising accessibility. Innovative techniques playfully applied to a straightforward yarn of a narrative made for a good-natured and imaginative entertainment." --OffOffOffOnline

appropriate for ages 14 and up
premiered: April 2002 at HERE Arts Center

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