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All about our MEMBERS!

This webpage is dedicated to celebrating the artistry of our Club Members. Please click through videos, follow on social media and marvel at the amazing art our Members make!

To the right is an outstanding illustration by Member Alix Arrigo - it features all of the puppets that our Members bring with them to meetings! You will recognize a lot in the videos below..

This webpage was created at a meeting with input from Members - they chose the fonts, the styles, and the layout!

Alix Arrigo

  • Instagram

As you can see from above, Alix is an amazing illustrator and artist. She is also a puppeteer and performer. She's working on a website ad we'll update this as soon as we have one. 
In the meantime, follow her on Instagram!



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YouTube channel: Cecil Limited

Chris Bixby

I've been into puppetry since I was a kid. I grew up watching The Muppets, Sesame Street, Bear in the Big Blue House, Between the Lions and many others. I even have my own puppet, Puppet Chris, and I'm good friends with a lot of amazing puppeteers who given me great advice throughout my journey.

Chris also co-hosts "Jake's Happy Nostalgia Show" and I love this episode!

Daniel Temons

Entertaining and educational!

YouTube channel: the D.T. Channel Studio


D.T. Channel Studio

Dante Brooks-Rodriguez

Dante Tube-
Whimsically adorable characters based on networks, shows, and logos.

image - Shanieka D. Brooks.png

Donald A. Parkes


Original Animal Puppets Custom Created for Children and Adults!
I have always loved animals and puppetry. My very first animal sound was an elephant. My vision for puppet building allows me to fulfill both loves.

Jack Kolter

VideoTraxx Fanatic Rules 2.0 
is a YouTube Channel with humorous videos and content!

Jake Deffinbaugh

  • Instagram

Jake’s Happy Nostalgia Show
is a podcast where nostalgia comes alive!
We interviewed different aspects of guests including puppeteers, writers, directors and much more!

Christopher & Nicholas Kruger

Hi! Our names are Nicholas and Christopher!
We are 17 years old! We are the Founders/Creators of the KrugerTwinsBroFanDuo Productions,
and we love acting, performing, dancing, singing, writing, reading, exploring, making music and drawing in a most important similar way. 

Marcelo Bottaro

My puppetry is truly my dedication to Television Style puppetry, which given how I use the same style techniques from The Muppets, my character designs are all original ideas that are very outside of The Muppet look. Also its very freeing for me to let loose my talents in creating characters and getting the ability to sing.

Marty Dworkis

Marty is an avid puppet/Muppet enthusiast who loves performing, doing voices, and learning all he can about how puppet shows are made. He is a real fan of International Sesame Street and has been working on a pitch for a version in Italy - stay tuned...

Marty's page is coming soon...

Matt Bingel

An up and coming puppet troupe from Maryland!

Matt is also a co-host of "Jake's Happy Nostalgia Show!"

Todd Johnson

As a puppeteer/artist, I love to recreate puppet creations from the past, I love vintage puppets. I also sometimes create brand new puppets that I see in my mind. I love to use my allowance money to buy my supplies. I am super proud of the puppets I make, and know all there is to puppets, but I am still willing to learn some new things. 

I also make stop motion films using Lego! I recently opened by own online business, I own my own BricLink Store, so please visit & shop!

Todd's Lego BRICLINK store coming soon...!
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