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D O W ' S  R E P E R T O R Y:


These pieces were created with young audiences in mind. This doesn't mean they are only for kids, nor does it mean our touring or big shows are only for adults. Email us for booking details!



Written by Amina Henry

Designed and directed by Gretchen Van Lente

Assistant design/Costumes by Taylor Harrison

Music by Jessica Lurie

Performed by AnJu Hyppolite, Maya Posey, Christian Robison,

     Ashley Winkfield

An innovative toy theater fills the stage, a replica of a Harlem block from the 1920s. We see toy theater puppets, shadows come to life in windows, and at a certain point the whole set transforms. All the while actors frolic in 20s costumes, original saxophone music plays through the speakers and a cat does back alley beat poetry. We’re transported in time to an era poignant and pivotal to the African-American experience in this country and people of all ages should know these stories, hear these words and listen to this music. 

appropriate for ages 8 and up

premiered: July 2019 at the TANK theater, NYC

The Four Seasons


by Gretchen Van Lente and Drama of Works
Designed by Kristiana

Music composed by Antonio Vivaldi

Performed by Andrea Ang

​Follow Big Fox and Smaller Fox as they encounter each of the four seasons. The simple story touches on the changes in each season, and how those changes tie into the themes of friendship, loss and love. The piece will be accompanied by Vivaldi's classic music and parents will be encouraged to share this full masterpiece with their children at home after the show. 


appropriate for ages 1 and up
premiered: July 2017 on Governor's Island



Created, written and performed by Andrea Ang, Amy Carrigan, Gretchen Van Lente and Meghan Williams

Music by Vangelis (From Carl Sagan's "COSMOS")

This piece was commissioned by BRIC House for their family series

with the theme "Moonwalk". The piece is three minutes long and is
immersive in nature. It is a shadow show you experience while in a tent.

appropriate for ages 6 and up

premiered: March 2017 at BRIC House, Brooklyn



Written by Amina Henry

Directed by Gretchen Van Lente

Designed by Angelica Borrero

With music composed and performed by Andy Weintraub

Starring Ashley Brockington, Glenn Quentin George and Penny Middleton


In this children's play about the water crisis in Ethiopia, Sela and Bo go on a perilous journey to the well far outside of their village. Join these friends on their journey through the hot African desert as they learn about friendship, strength and fairness. With puppets, storytelling, music and live action, WATER is an entertaining and educational show that audiences of all ages will enjoy.


appropriate for ages 6 and up

premiered: August 2013, Old Stone House, Brooklyn



Created and performed by Karim Muasher and Gretchen Van Lente

Dramaturgy by B. Walker Sampson

Puppets by Karim Muasher

Props by Gretchen Van Lente

This piece was commissioned by the Rosenbach Museum and Library

for their annual Bloomsday celebration. They wanted a way to reach kids with the Ulysses story and asked us to create a piece. DOW created a piece that used little dialogue and evoked imagery from the famously dense and opaque piece of classic literature.

appropriate for ages 6 and up

premiered: June 2012 at Rosenbach Library, Philadelphia

How the Earth Got Its Color


by Gretchen Van Lente and Drama of Works
Designed by Gretchen Van Lente

Music composed by James Walton

Performed by Gretchen Van Lente and Scott Weber

(also performed by Sarah Poleshuck, Karim Muasher, Meghan Williams & John Ardolino)

Follow Wind as he must find his place in the pantheon of Aztec gods and prove himself to all when the Lord of the Night entrusts him to save the Musicians of the Earth from the Palace of the Sun God. With the help of the audience and various characters along the way, he finds the courage to use his unique gifts to do right by the people of the Earth. 

appropriate for ages 3 and up
premiered: June 2010 at St. Ann's Warehouse, Toy Theater Festival

(also performed at the Barents International Puppet Festival, Oulu, Finland and others)

The (trash) Little Mermaid



Created by John Ardolino and Gretchen Van Lente
Performed by Karim Muasher and Gretchen Van Lente

     (also performed by John Ardolino)

The classic tale from Hans Christian Andersen, retold by Drama of Works. The tale of the youngest and most beautiful of six mermaid princesses emerges out of trunks and suitcases and comes to life on a stage covered with trash. We use puppets, props and sets recycled from plastic bags, seashells, found objects and toys to create a magical landscape. A lot of actual water and imaginative acting brings the story to life.

"The show was delightful--full of fun and imagination--without losing track of the larger messages of the story.  We loved it!  It riveted the attention of fifteen five-year olds and their accompanying adults for 30 minutes!"
– Susan Mehlman, mother of Anna

appropriate for ages 1 and up
premiered: various schools throughout the city

     (also shown at the Brick Theater and other venues)

Poe's Animal Stories


by Gretchen Van Lente and John Ardolino
Designed by Gretchen Van Lente

Performed by John Ardolino, Gretchen Van Lente, Scott Weber

& Meghan Williams (the show takes 2-4 people to perform depending...)

Something for the older kids, a collection of Poe Stories told in various mediums: The Raven done with acting and moody overhead projection shadow puppets, The Black Cat told with mime, acting and one 

hand puppet, The Conquerer Worm portrayed in the style of toy theatre. 

All employ period costumes and images and compelling design,

a fresh new take on the classics.

appropriate for ages 8 and up
premiered: various theaters

Louie's Fabulous Mardi Gras Adventure (or gumbo isn't gumbo without the okra)



Created by John Ardolino and Gretchen Van Lente
Performed by John Ardolino and Gretchen Van Lente

This is a shadow play combining an overhead proector, traditional shadow puppetry and innovative story telling to tell a tale of rural Cajun country. Follow our hero as he rides from house to house, searching for that one special gumbo ingredient to share at the mardi gras feast, and join in all his fabulous adventures along the way.

appropriate for ages 5 and up
premiered: March 2006, Brooklyn Museum of Art

     (also shown at Goat on a Boat puppet theater, Penny Pretzel Playhouse and other venues)

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