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Sleepy Hollow
Sleepy Hollow is elegant and effective, incorporating projected passages from Irving’s text and occasional snippets of dialogue. The line of the projected figures effectively evokes nineteenth- century America even as the variety of techniques employed by Van Lente and her puppeteers marks the production as decidedly contemporary..” –Performing Arts Journal

Blood Red Roses
"The show is a bit dark, a bit silly, and delightfully novel in its presentation... Blood Red Roses is a treat of a show and an inspiring use of puppetry in a truly unique space. Get there. " 
curiouser & curiouser

“Drama of Works does an excellent job focusing on their subjects, whether those subjects be real people or characters or puppets, they find the core and bring it out. This show brought out some innocence in me. It'll do the same for a part of everyone." —

“Andy was quoted as saying, ‘Why should I be original?’

Well, luckily the folks at Drama of Works don’t hold to the same belief…Everything from the pace to the props and setting are consistently imaginative and simple…it is what it is and doesn’t care what we think of it. As a piece of art, it does its job not pretending that we need it but rather acting as if it is something that the creators just wanted to give us. I’ll take it. Thanks.”


The following press quotes are in the order as in the brochure.

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puppet KafKa
"There are people who love puppets, there are people who love Kafka, and there is almost certainly a subset of people who love both puppets and Kafka. Their moment has arrived."  --NY Times

Leakey's Ladies

"At once educational, funny, serious and visually remarkable, Leakey’s Ladies is one of the most well-rounded shows I’ve seen in a long time and one of the best uses of “experimental” or “multi-media” theater I’ve ever seen."  --TheatreIsEasy

The Ballad of Phineas P. Gage
"[During Phineas P. Gage]...more than a few times, my guest and I quietly said, "Oh, cool!" Drama of Works invites the audience to re-examine their notions of theatrical structure and method without seeming self-important or compromising accessibility. Innovative techniques playfully applied to a straightforward yarn of a narrative made for a good-natured and imaginative entertainment." --OffOffOffOnline
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