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P U N C H   P U P P E T   S L A M

Drama of Works has been hosting and curating the puppet slam - PUNCH - since 2005. It has moved all over the city and taken on many forms. As of now, we are taking a slight hiatus from PUNCH to focus on producing new works of original theater, but please know that PUNCH shall rise again!!!

PUNCH Puppet Slam... [FKA Kamikaze]

"Kamikaze" is a term we coined for a crazy experiment we did during our Alice in Wonderland puppet festival in the fall of 2007. Artists of various styles and puppet experience are assigned chapters or sections of a book, film, historical event and then we present the pieces in order. No limitation is given on interpretation or puppet style used. It makes for the weirdest interpretations of things...


We felt the need to give this themed slam its own name since we still were doing reagular slams as well. Now that we are only focused on the themed slams, we're dropping the "Kamikaze" from our name, and will now be known as "PUNCH puppet slam!"

Most recently we presented PUNCH Kamikaze Godzilla (2021), PUNCH Punch & Judy (2020), Dante's Inferno (2019), UBU ROI (2018), and PUNCH Kamikaze World War II (2017)...


Email us for more details...


INFERNO - 4/9/19, Dixon Place


Empire Strikes Back, Wizard of Oz, A Christmas Carol, works of Shakespeare, works of Kafka, and the original Alice's Adventures Underground...

Take a look at this amazing video blog Lolly Lardpop (Leslie Carrara-Rudolph and Tiff Gravel) made about PUNCH Kamikaze: Wizard of Oz. This was filmed at the 6th street and Avenue B Community Garden!

Thanks LOLLY!!!
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