P U N C H   P U P P E T   S L A M

Drama of Works has been hosting and curating the puppet slam - PUNCH - since 2005. It has moved all over the city and taken on many forms. As of now, we are taking a slight hiatus from PUNCH to focus on producing new works of original theater, but please know that PUNCH shall rise again!!!

PUNCH Kamikaze!

"Kamikaze" is a term we coined for a crazy experiment we did during our Alice in Wonderland puppet festival in the fall of 2007. Artists of various styles and puppet experience are assigned chapters or sections of a book, film, historical event and then we present the pieces in order. No limitation is given on interpretation or puppet style used. It makes for the weirdest interpretations of things...


INFERNO - 4/9/19, Dixon Place


Empire Strikes Back, Wizard of Oz, A Christmas Carol, works of Shakespeare, works of Kafka, and the original Alice's Adventures Underground...

Take a look at this amazing video blog Lolly Lardpop (Leslie Carrara-Rudolph and Tiff Gravel) made about PUNCH Kamikaze: Wizard of Oz. This was filmed at the 6th street and Avenue B Community Garden!

Thanks LOLLY!!!

Most recently we presented PUNCH Kamikaze World War II (2017), UBU ROI (2018), and Dante's INFERNO (2019).

All a reaction to the current condition of our country... 

And last year was our only ever online slam: PUNCH Kamikaze: PUNCH & JUDY!

The Next will be PUNCH Kamikaze: GODZILLA! 


Email us for more details...