The ROCKY HORROR Puppet Show!

Finally ready to see who's into our next PUNCH Puppet Slam theme...

Toy theater Time Warp?

Shadow puppet voyeuristic intentions?

Marionette Rose Tint My World?

I Can Make You a Puppet.... I mean it writes itself...

More info (like when and where) to come...




... with antici-- ...

PUNCH puppet slam rules = you must use puppets in your act (found object, shadow, whatever), and you must move the plot forward given your chosen section so that it makes cohesive sense put after/before the other acts. That’s it. You don’t have to do any of the songs, use any of the original characters (though you should use the same names so as not to confuse), but you also can simply redo the movie as is with puppets if that’s what you want to do… We will be checking in on your interpretations to make sure it all makes (some kind of) sense for the evening.


... --pation!

If you'd like to participate, please fill out the application HERE!

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PUNCH Puppet Slam is generously supported by the Puppet Slam Network!

PUNCH Puppet slam - where we take a theme or event or story and retell it in order with a number of different artists, creating a collage of an experience. You can read all about it and view our previous themes HERE. Obviously we’d like most of the pieces to be told with puppets, but are open to other forms of visual storytelling. Our slam evenings often relate to current events and in this moment we are committed to furthering our mission to bring people together through multimedia performance - and FUN!!!