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Drama of Works
PUNCH Puppet Slam presents...



Bushwick, BK
Exact location with RSVP/ticket

$15 in advance / $20 cash at door

Sunday, MAY 21 @ 4pm

Toy theater Mechanicals? Shadow puppet lovers meeting in secret in the woods? Marionette fairies flitting about?

If we shadows have offended...
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PUNCH Puppet Slam is generously supported by the Puppet Slam Network!

PUNCH Puppet slam - where we take a theme or event or story and retell it in order with a number of different artists, creating a collage of an experience. You can read all about it and view our previous themes HERE. Obviously we’d like most of the pieces to be told with puppets, but are open to other forms of visual storytelling. Our slam evenings often relate to current events and in this moment we are committed to furthering our mission to bring people together through multimedia performance - and FUN!!!

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