PUNCH Kamikaze*: GODZILLA!!!

Drama of Works is curating a puppet slam celebrating the iconic puppet / special effects makeup / full body costume / animatronic anti-hero GODZILLA! 

We have been working with a team of NERDS to help us create a loose through line for our evening of puppet pieces (please see what we came up with below). But, if you have an affinity for a certain scene, moment, or kaiju - let us know! The finished pieces should be under 8 minutes long. And if you want to be involved but have no idea what to do, let us know and we'll figure it out...! 


DEADLINE: September 13th

PUNCH TIMELINE: early November

(will update as soon as we know)

We would LOVE to present this slam live - outdoors somewhere... Maybe somewhere site-specific like amongst freight containers in Red Hook, or in a dirty parking lot under the shadow of skyscrapers, maybe lit by the strange toxic glow of the Gowanus Canal. Who knows! The hope is that it is live and in person, with possible live streaming online to our friends around the world. Some pieces could be pre-recorded, but we'd like the majority of them to be live. 

There will be a stipend paid to all artists involved.

Email us at if you have any questions!


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PUNCH Kamikaze Puppet Slam
is generously supported by the
Puppet Slam Network!

*“Kamikaze” is a term we use for our puppet slams, where we take a theme or event or story and retell it in order with a number of different artists, creating a collage of an experience. You can read all about it and view our previous themes HERE. Obviously we’d like most of the pieces to be told with puppets, but are open to other forms of visual storytelling. Our slam evenings often relate to current events and in this moment we are committed to furthering our mission to bring people together through multimedia performance - and FUN!!!

Scene Choices

  1. THE AWAKENING: A fire-breathing prehistoric behemoth is awoken by an atomic bomb. He is under water and destroys many things: fishing ships, fish & sea creatures, war ships.

  2. THE DEBATE: While armed forces try to destroy the monster with a huge electrified fence, scientists believe it should be studied!

  3. GENERAL MAYHEM & DESTRUCTION: Atomic fire breath, tanks and skyscrapers and cars and other things destroyed.

  4. KING KONG: A giant ape is discovered and brought to the mainland for marketing purposes. It escapes and eventually the two behemoths must battle it out!

  5. MOTHRA: A giant mythical egg washes ashore following a typhoon and Godzilla is heading straight for it. Humans travel to find Mothra and plead with her to save them (and her offspring) from the monster!

  6. GHIDORAH: Giant monster Rodan is awoken by a meteorite and battles Godzilla. Ghidorah, the three-headed dragon, emerges from the fallen meteorite and begins terrorizing the people. Mothra pleads with Rodan and Godzilla (using a fun monster language full of roars and screeches, translated by two mini priestesses) to fight with her and save humanity! A real turning point for Godzilla and humans...

  7. SON OF GODZILLA: Godzilla travels to a remote island to save a newly discovered baby Godzilla, “Minilla” (mini Godzilla) even though he’s super goofy and annoying. There they find themselves up against a giant monster spider, Kumunga!

  8. HEDORAH: A microscopic alien life form that feeds on Earth’s trash and pollution grows into a hideous creature (we have a lot of trash!) - its noxious breath turning humans into skeletons. Godzilla emerges to once again save humanity!

  9. INSERT YOUR FAVORITE OTHER KAIJU HERE! (Please stay in the Showa era…)

  10. MECHAGODZILLA: Godzilla appears out of a crater. But then his friend Anguiras attacks him. For he knows that this is not really Godzilla. It is a robotic duplicate that Godzilla and his buddies must now destroy!!!

In the original film, Godzilla was an allegory for the effects of the hydrogen bomb, and the consequences that such weapons might have on Earth. - Wikipedia