Drama of Works has curated a puppet slam celebrating the iconic puppet / special effects makeup / full body costume / animatronic anti-hero GODZILLA! 

We have been working with a team of NERDS to help us create a loose through line for our evening of puppet pieces and now have suckered, errrr - invited the following amazing and talented puppetry artists to perform for you!

Saturday, November 20th @6pm

BWAC - Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition
481 Van Brunt St., Door 7A, Red Hook, Brooklyn 11231

Donation: $10


[All performers and audience must show proof of vaccination, and all audience must be masked for the entirety of the performance. Please note that the galleries will be open before the show, as well as a marketplace too! Come early!!!

ALSO NOTE: there is no heat in the venue, so please dress accordingly for your comfort.]


in chronological Showa era order...


Toy theater, shadow puppetry, and a hint of comic book styling is used to bring us the AWAKENING...


It  is the early 1980s. Leroy Konga, a Black Nationalist is in a world of activism. When he is not on the streets marching or organizing, he spends his free time at the Oakland Disco. One evening at the disco an  FBI cointelpro agent slips  some drugs into  his system.  It takes him into another world.

He wakes up as Leroy KING KONG.

a collaborative piece by PLAYLAB NYC & OOMPAPOSSUM PUPPETS

A ceremony unfolds, a ritual if you will, an egg that transcends through oceanic waves made possible by a sea of human hands. To avoid catastrophe, MOTHRA is beckoned at the behest of the audience. Kaiju (godzilla) is then defeated by Mothra’s sleeping silk of love.


With help from the audience, we'll bring forth our own custom versions of GHIDORAH and RODAN by combining giant cardboard Kaiju parts.

Then as Mothra arrives, we'll task our ordained audience priestesses with a live translation.


A frequent PUNCH performer, Patryk takes on the

SON OF GODZILLA. That little annoying shit...


Evolve Puppets presents a groovy musical tribute to one of Godzilla’s strangest outings, featuring the extremely gooey Smog Monster HEDORAH. Feel free to sing along!

plus... JAMIE LEO

Godzilla Walks Among Us – a puppetized catastrophe = YOU WILL WITNESS mass destruction for your viewing pleasure as never before seen on the big screen. YOU WILL SCREAM while waiting for your mother's stomach to be pumped after her latest overdose. YOU WILL ASSUME the Mothra pose atop a turquoise-and-metallic-thread wing-armed sofa! 

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PUNCH Kamikaze Puppet Slam is generously supported by the Puppet Slam Network!

*“Kamikaze” is a term we use for our puppet slams, where we take a theme or event or story and retell it in order with a number of different artists, creating a collage of an experience. You can read all about it and view our previous themes HERE. Obviously we’d like most of the pieces to be told with puppets, but are open to other forms of visual storytelling. Our slam evenings often relate to current events and in this moment we are committed to furthering our mission to bring people together through multimedia performance - and FUN!!!